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Not satisfied with the results of your last SEO campaign? Are you currently looking for an SEO Consultant?

I may be the SEO you need. Shall we proceed?

Consultant Services

I am currently taking on a limited amount of clients and would love to speak with you to see if we’re a match. My style of SEO may or may not be what you’re looking for, so a free initial consultation is required.

2011 and 2012 has seen a lot of shifting in Google’s algorithms. This has lead to a lot of SEO failure. Old, cheap, low-quality SEO techniques used to work. Companies used to hire SEO companies and tell them to get to work building links and it worked. This approach no longer works. Times are rapidly changing and only high-quality SEO will weather the algorithmic storms that lie ahead.

I take SEO seriously. I only focus on high-level SEO techniques. The result is strong, long-term, profitable rankings and success for my clients.

My clients need to be ready to join me in a combined effort, ready to spearhead the venture.

Qualifications for my clients

  • Must have inhouse SEO or have knowledge of SEO best practices (training offered if needed)
  • Must be in it for the long-run
  • Must be willing to write or hire writers (help provided)
  • Must be ready to weather Google storms

What you get from me

There is no one SEO plan to dominate all niches. What works in one industry/market, may not work in another–this calls for a catered strategy. Here’s what I offer
  1. Market research report
  2. Site audit
  3. Catered SEO plan & guide (6-8 month plan of action)
  4. Training (on certain plans)
  5. Monthly check-ups

Serious Inquiries Only, please

If you’re serious about building a sustainable online business, let’s talk.

Tyson Stevens



Utah SEO Consultant