Do you have really valuable blog posts that didn’t receive nearly as much sharing/notice/buzz as you’d hoped or thought it would?  You’re probably not sharing it with the right people or through the right channels.

Small Business Blogging Tips

The Issue

You have a blog, but it’s not garnering the amount of links that you’d hoped it would yield. You spend time and/or money on content that does nothing but take up virtual space. You’ve heard that your business needs to be blogging in order to be successful online. You’ve read that blogging increases leads by 67% for B2B and 88% for B2C. Yet, you barely see an increase in traffic or organic rankings from your blogging efforts. WTH?

I have seen too many businesses that add blog posts that are just fillers–that’s all they do with their blogs. They know they should push out content, but don’t know how to do it the Right way.

If you’ve written quality content, there is untapped potential in what you’ve written. Why not capitalize on it?

The Solution

I think that a very overlooked aspect of Local SEO is the ability to generate links from local bloggers, businesses and news outlets. If you are a small or local business, there are a ton of opportunities for you to harvest links; you just need to know how to plant.

How to plant

The Plan of Action

Here’s a simple success outline you can follow

  • Research your communities needs
  • Create content that is useful to your community
  • Share that content with your online following
  • Ask friends who blog to share your content on their blogs/sites
  • Contact local bloggers who may be interested in sharing your content
  • Let key players/influencers know about your content
  • Send out a Press Release about the piece of content

Research – read your local newspaper, talk to your friends and neighbors

Useful Content – What knowledge can you impart that your community needs? Give away a few of your “secrets”. Statistics are great.

Key Players – Call, send an email, send flowers with a hard copy of your article, chocolates, whatever it takes to spark their interest in reading and sharing your content.

Press Release – Those whom you can’t contact may find your content via press releases. Other cities may share your content due to the fact that they may be facing the same issues

Brainstorming Ideas

  • What knowledge do you have that can help your community?
  • What issues is your city facing that your services can remedy?
  • Who would be interested in sharing what you’ve written on their sites?
  • Who are major influencers in what gets shared throughout your city/community?
  • Write content that you would be excited to share with your friends
  • Share your content with your personal Facebook friends, not just people who like, subscribe to or follow your business page
  • Write highly useful content instead of targeting keywords
  • Be creative

Some specific content ideas to get you started:

  • Resource Posts for your community (i.e. Best Sushi Restaurants, Best Friday night date ideas, best Saturday morning family activities, etc.)
  • Tutorials – give a few “secrets” away. Teach how to do some of your basic services
  • Youtube videos (tutorials, walk-through of your business, behind the scenes, etc.)
  • Technology usage in school
  • Green initiatives
  • Do a survey about your city and post your findings

Generating local sharing of your content will provide geo-targeted traffic and exposure. It will also solidify your local relevancy within the search engines. Your rankings will increase.

Final Thoughts

The more useful your content is, the more it will be shared.

Present your content in an easy to read and digest way.

Some campaigns will flop. Some campaigns will rock.

Try try try. Test Test Test.

If you’ve had success with these techniques or have similar successful small business blogging tips, I’d love to hear about them. What has helped out your blog the most?

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Small Business Blogging Tips