I used to draw a lot but lost the passion somehow. I decided to do something for the Draw Roger Mozbot Contest by SEOMoz (+2 links for the clever linkbait idea).

I actually had a really good time creating these. Click on the images to enlarge them. My personal favorite is the Panda Mozbot (2nd image). I created these characters myself. They are posted in order of their creation in ascending order. If you’d like to use them, I just ask that you attribute them to their creator, me! Smile Thanks everyone! Enjoy

Mozbot Flyer

SEOMoz Draw Roger Contest

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SEOMoz Draw Roger Contest 1

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Draw Roger Mozbot

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Mozbot Penguin

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My creative mind needs a break from monotonous SEO every so often, so this was a great outlet and opportunity. I don’t really need the Moz prizes, but I do like to win every once in a while. I actually wish I had more time to do creative, but, that’s not currently my part.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these characters. Let me know what ya’ll think.  I’ll try to get some more useful content out soon too.

Keep it up and good luck!

Thanks guys and gals!