For a Brand Spankin’ New Site I Would…

I was recently asked what I would do for a brand new website. The question caught me off-guard because I usually just start, move forward and make adjustments to campaigns as needed. Each site needs something different depending on competition and market so there are some things I generally do, but not always do for each site.

I’ve never really documented what I do nor what I think is a good way to get a site up and running from fresh pressed to continuous success. It’s all internalized. So I decided I’d go ahead and document it and to share with you guys. Not every site will need the same thing, but every sites will need most of these things.

SEO Campaign From “A to Zed” (for all you Canucks, Brits and Ozzies)

Phase 1


Client Research

Market Research

Competitive Research

Keyword Research


Site Architecture

Content Creation

On-page Optimization

Internal Linking

Set-up Analytics

Create company blog

Begin building linkable assets

Phase 2


Gather competitive backlink data

Look at competitor’s anchor-text variation percentages for a rule of thumb for what’s safe

Press Releases

Social Bookmarks – I’m not a big fan of social bookmarking, but I think it still holds some value

Web 2.0/Social Profile Creation and optimization

Relevant blog comments/participation

Contact potential Linkerati for relationship building or to request a link

Guest Blogging

Phase 3

Social Media, Branding & Community

Getting Started With Social Media: A Resource Guide

Social Profiles and Participation to build a community

Push content through these channels


Phase 4

  1. Maintenance
  2. Ongoing clean up of on-page
  3. Analyze, analyze, analyze
  4. Continual creation of landing pages
  5. Continual creation of linkable assets
  6. Increase social interaction and size of community
  7. Build relationships
  8. Conversion Rate Optimization [The Definitive How-to Guide]
  9. Focus on efficiency
  10. Rinse and repeat

That’s pretty much the outline. I may have missed a few things, but overall, those are the basics of what I do. Hope the resources here have been useful to you. Oh, and one last guide that is a great resource for specific and actionable steps, check out this SEOMoz Blog post. It was written by Oli Gardner, co-founder & director of marketing at

This page will be continually updated as I find and refine more steps in my process. If you see any vital steps I’m missing. Please let me know. What are some of your vital steps?


Tyson Stevens: Search Engine Awesomization aspirant. I am constantly learning and sharing all that I learn and know...Well, not all, cause I'm currently in-house Smile Enjoy!

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  1. George O'Rourke
    July 13, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    Got a recent Fiverr gig done, and your website link was bundled with my excel url list! Glad it was – you have so much information to share, but it’s really well laid out. Only had a cursory look around – really liked the Facebook Timeline pdf and the Facebook stuff in general. I’m going to read through your “Start a site from scratch” section, as that looks pretty awesome. I (and many others!) have sites badly hit by Penguin so if you can ever be bothered to write a Penguin Recovery guide…!!

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