The fact that you have stumbled upon this page means that you have probably heard of SEO and are wondering why all the fuss. No matter the reason, there are two important aspects you should be looking at in terms of basic, but vital, SEO.

SEO For Dummies


When looking to optimize a site for search engines, you should think like a search engine. Search engines consider two main SEO factors: On-Page and Off-Page. This being said, it is important for a website to adhere to some guidelines. On-Page and Off-Page optimization call for very different techniques. These two pieces of the SEO pie, although not the same size, must work together in proper balance. Consider them two peas in a pod.

On-page SEO optimization focuses on the structure of a site, clarity and each pages ability to pass strength to others throughout the site. According to the site structure, both search engines and visitors will either easily navigate through your pages, or get lost–by the way, getting lost is bad.

When thinking of site structure, the most important thing you can do is start with the broadest category (i.e. cars) and link to more and more specific categories (i.e. Nissan Altima). So visually it would look something like: Cars—->Nissan—->Nissan Altima—->Black Nissan Altima.

Also, think of each page on your site as having a theme. Each page should support the theme of the others that are linking to or linking from it. You need to make sure that search engines know exactly what it is each page is about. If you’re looking to rank for a specific keyword, you need to let the search engines know which of your pages is dedicated to that keyword, term, or topic. The way that this is done is through keyword co-occurrence (how many times the keyword strings show up) on the page and internal links within your own site.

Off-page SEO optimization is achieved through establishing valuable connections with other sites on the internet. When your site becomes associated with other authority sites that link to it, your site receives some of it’s own authority from those sites. There are various ways to receive links from other websites, but one thing is true, quality must be the focus over quantity. One link from a powerful, high authority site is better than 100 from weak or non-relevant sites.

The art and science of SEO goes much more in depth than what has been explained here. When beginning optimization for your web property, always start by improving your on-page and off-page factors.

These are just basics of SEO. In forthcoming posts, we will break down and discuss more in depth SEO techniques.