One thing I realized is that I have been going about SEO all wrong–not the techniques, but the execution.

SEO All Wrong

I was at WordPress Wordcamp SF this past Saturday for the Developers and Designers day. I love the creative side of webdesign and wanted to learn more to understand it better. I came out learning so much more than web design and development–I also got some nice swag Smile
One of my close friends and JV business partners has placed himself in a very wise and profitable position without trying to. I always poke fun at his version of SEO–he doesn’t do it but he’s very successful at it–his outsource team does.

He knows enough SEO to be very successful and make a nice living off it. But when it comes to the nitty gritty (i.e. CSS, DNS, etc.), he’ll respond, “I don’t need to know that, my team knows that.” I always laugh, and cry, whenever he says that. I spend my time doing my own work. He has his team do all the work – now that’s SEO genius.

He always pokes fun at me for wanting to get my hands dirty. It’s true, I like controlling everything that has anything to do with my SEO cause I know exactly how it has to be done and I want it done the “RIGHT” way. The problem is, I have to do it all. And I don’t have enough hands to dirty to make the profits I am shooting to make.

So when at WordPress, feeling lost in an insurmountable ocean of code, it finally hit me, “I don’t have to know this! I can find someone who does, so I don’t have to!” It was such a relieving moment–an “Aha!” moment. I realized that I have been hindering my efforts.

What can I do with my time?

  1. Learn everything there is to know about and do for SEO and do the work


  1. Find people who are already experts in their individual SEO niches an let them do the work

To be profitable, the first method would take much more time than I have. The latter would explode my efforts. I would be able to implement all my knowledge without me having to do the work. I can continue mastering SEO, while having all the technical work done by my team. I can scale my efforts.

I have a small team and resources that I have not taken advantage of. My JV partner taught me where to find and how to build the team. I just haven’t used the team enough to really make an impact with my efforts.

So, I’m going back to my SEO roots of outsourcing to scale and expand my efforts. I now have my JV partner to guide me in following his very successful outsourcing 2-hour work day life. I’m giving up some control, which will end up freeing me to do what I most love–learning how to conquer the search engines.