Guest blogging is and should be just one of many link building tactics. When done Right, it provides quality backlinks and targeted traffic. Guest blogging locally is a highly untapped source of quality, geo-targeted exposure and backlinks.

Guest Blogging Locally

Guest Blogging Gone Local

Why go local for guest blog opportunities

  • Local sites receive far less guest author requests (spam), which means you’ll have a higher response rate
  • local sites will be more more likely to accept your guest posts because they feel a sense of community and familiarity
  • Guest blogging locally will increase community camaraderie
  • Local sites provide geo-targeted traffic and backlinks
  • Local sites can still pass as much link juice as most national sites
  • “Depending on the size of your community, you can also count on less competition in search results for local content, which could mean a better chance of your content to be seen.” – comment below by Heather Stone, Chief Moderator for

Ideas to get you started

  • Contact your friends & acquaintances who have blogs – write a nice little post for them
  • Contact local businesses and sites – write for them – it will expose you to their audience
  • Write city/community specific articles – create citywide buzz, sharing, linking, etc.
  • Write for a local school or library – philanthropy goes a long way
  • Write for chamber of commerce – become a thought leader in your community
  • Use queries to find local bloggers – shown below

Local Guest Blogging Queries

Set-up: Change criteria from “Any time” to “Past year” <— This way, you will not waste time emailing bloggers who may not be writing anymore*

Local Guest Blogs

*Since we know that these blogs have been posted to within the past year, we can rightly assume that they are actively engaged in writing and will most likely respond to our guest blog requests.

Simple Google Query: “city name” <—  I will use “ ‘santa rosa california'” for this tutorial (you can also search other blogging platforms besides WordPress. i.e. Blogspot, etc.)

With the results, I get a sleuth of random topics–that’s okay.

We can look at these opportunities in two ways:

  1. Guest post to get a locally targeted backlink
  2. Expose your  services to your community–in this case, the city of Santa Rosa

If you’d like, you can further qualify the opportunities for relevancy and authority. For quality, I recommend further qualifying. For quantity, post to wherever you can.

More useful queries

  • inurl:blog “city name”
  • intitle:blog “city name”

If you’d like to get more niche specific, you can us a query similar to this

  • inurl:blog “city name” intitle:keyword
  • inurl:blog “city name” “keyword”

Don’t be afraid to guest post on blogs that aren’t directly related to your services. You can most often find a way to squeeze in your services usability within any niche. Think horizontal instead of just vertical. As the saying goes, “Cast a wide net to catch many fish”…with the right bait.

With search engines rewarding rankings for links from relevant sites, local bloggers and local business owners can provide high quality, geo-targeted backlinks. Links from these sources will also expose your business to potential customers. While building links on sites that are not within your geographical area will only provide backlinks and little to no local business.

Guest Blogging Services for Local Businesses

Services like My Blog Guest and other guest blogging services are an okay starting point but should not be your end-all for guest post opportunities. You will not receive the same bang for your buck if you send your article to a guest blogging service. Some of the sites tend to be very low quality, so the backlinks aren’t actually all that powerful. Some of the sites do not even receive visitors. No one will read your guest post, so no one will share it. That is working in an inefficient manner. Your effort is too great to work on a per-link basis. See the bigger picture and opportunity.

You can find some useful sites via guest blogging services, so don’t reject all of them. But do qualify those opportunities by looking at Domain Authoritysocial proof and design<–those are good starting points for qualifying.

A good rule of thumb: the harder the link is to acquire, the better it is – but this is not always true, beware [When Advanced Link Building = no rankings] <–great presentation by Wil Reynolds

So, why not kill two birds with one stone and guest blog locally? Get to it!

Afterthoughts of the Third Kind

The goal of guest posting should be to send useful information to a site’s audience. If it’s done for any other reason, then you’ll be caught in a per-link basis activity where one guest blog post will return 1-2 links back to your site(s). That’s good, isn’t it? But it could be better.

If you provide great content, then you are planting a seed that will provide a harvest of multiple links, shares, follows and followers. The choice should be simple, but most marketers often choose the former route in hopes of the quantity making up for quality. What they don’t realize is that quality content tends to garner more natural links whilst quantity tends to die.

When guest blogging, I always try to have a valuable piece of content that will actually help out the site I’m posting to. A recent piece that I was proud to send to a site-owner was about mobile bullying and prevention. I used to work for a anti-bullying program and it’s a subject close to my heart. I know that that piece of content is valuable and will teach valuable information, not only to the site’s visitors, but to millions of youth seeking the help. The content is very helpful and I felt good about sending the article to the owner. I was only required to get one backlink from the guest post, but I wanted to provide value to all parties. The site-owner asked that I submit another post in a couple months because of how much she enjoyed the first guest post. The site-owner has shared the post because the information was worthy of it. Others have shared the post because its usefulness.

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Quality has potential. Quantity dies quickly.

There needs to be a paradigm shift. Think bigger in a small way Smile

I’d love to hear about your successes, challenges and triumphs with these techniques. Comment below to let me know, yo!