I’d be careful using sites like MyBlogGuest. You need to be extremely picky as to which sites your articles are placed. A lot of MyBlogGuest type sites have sites that are just MFGB (Made For Guest Blogging) and don’t provide any traffic. Google knows this.

Guest Post Queries

Sites like MBG are quickly becoming nothing more than glorified BMR‘s and blog networks. And I’m sure you remember what happened to those, right? Such a frightful day for many.

To avoid potential issues with MBG type opportunities, it’s much safer to run your own queries and qualify potential placements to know exactly what you’re getting. This takes more time, but is worth the effort. Also, you can outsource a lot of the work below.

The Queries

Here are a few queries that I haven’t seen posted elsewhere in any of the guest blogging guides or posts I’ve read and I know they’ll be useful for a lot of you. So I’m sharing them cause they help me. I’ve added -/category to remove category pages which would provide duplicates.

  • “this guest post is” -/category (about 1,350,000 results)
  • “who regularly writes for” -/category (about 228,000 results)
  • “this guest post is contributed” -/category (about 249,00 results)
  • “this guest post is written” -/category (about 221,ooo results)

Now, three may not seem like many, but take a look at the mass amount of results. Add your keywords with these queries, using keywords that your competitor would use also.

And if you’d like to quickly reverse engineer your competitor’s guest posts, try a few of these queries on for size:

  • “guest post” competitorsite.com -site:competitorsite.com
  • “guest post” competitorsite.com -site:competitorsite.com

And if that’s not enough! Try a boolean query:

  • (inurl:guestposting OR inurl:guest-posting OR inurl:guestpost OR inurl:guest-post) (about 444,000 results)

As always, add some keywords to these queries to narrow down your searches to more relevant results. Plus, the boolean query I’ve just mentioned will return a lot of results that aren’t requests for guest posts. So you’ll want to add keywords–they’ll help return more sites that are requesting guest posts.

Qualify Guest Post Opportunities

Once you’ve found some sites. It’s a good idea to qualify them so you’re not throwing a link on a site that could be doing more harm than good (see SUSP10).

Some basic metrics to look at:

  • Relevance
  • PageRank of homepage
  • Domain Authority (good rule of thumb – DA >20)
  • Site design (tons of ads? generic design? MFA?)
  • MFGB site?
  • Blog interaction via comments
  • Social interaction

I can go more in-depth with the qualifying process, but that will be for later. Drop a comment below if you’d like to request instructions on how to qualify, extract metrics, etc.

Hope you’re all having great success!