Ladies and Gentlemen!–though we may be neither. I may be a bearer of grave news this day, but there is light at the end of the long and winding road to a better tomorrow. I have Great Expectations for the future in spite the fact that we may have squandered our time in previous days.

Such times as these we have not known since the birth of the Panda and the creation of the Penguin. For years, Google has been fighting a spametic epidemia. Unwillingly, via compulsory means, we grew accustomed to chasing the demands of an ever changing façade in which we dug our own graves.

Without realization, most of us had been carrying the seed of death within our own initiatives.  Drowned in a cesspool of trickery meddled with magic of the darkest kind, our name was blotted with disregard and contempt.

There is a redeeming design by which we may salvage our untimely fates.

Google Author Rank

In lieu of the past and with a forward-looking gaze, we now are in an era of making aright all that was wrong. Still lacking complete guidance by those in authority, we are found measured and still wanting. Yet, by the good graces of the almighty Goog, we are provided scanty information regarding our state, how to clear our red marks and how to succeed during these gloomy times.

Enter the AuthorRank Era

By and by, a thought leader is born, one in whom is the ability to read between the lines and see what is not to be seen and know what is not meant to be known. For in his supposition, this Blind Five Year Old broke the nigh unbreakable code of AuthorRank in all it’s forms.

As I mused this mans thoughts, my mind percolated with such precision as to understand the dark corners of devastating reality. And in this state, the truth set I free.

I shall summon here knowledge to be tasted, desired and acted upon.

AuthorRank could be more disruptive than all of the Panda updates combined.

AuthorRank won’t replace PageRank it’ll just make it more accurate.

Google+ is an identity platform and rel=author is a digital signature.

Google will be monitoring activity and mining the engagement graph

Make no mistake, Google is working on AuthorRank

Panda will feel like a speedbump if Google can implement a fully realized version of AuthorRank

In conclusion,

AuthorRank means that your reputation as a content creator will influence the ranking of search results. Not only that but AuthorRank can be used to make the link graph more accurate.

AuthorRank combines the web of people with the web of links to create a more savvy view of trust and authority that will be used to rank search results.

What Imports Me, this AuthorRank of Which They Speak?

Google AuthorRank

Hear all ye ends of the Google Earth! Prepare ye against those days which must undoubtedly come. Days of painstaking confusion running a muck.

Evidence abounds astoundingly sounding rounds of dangers to be dodged. Heretofore, I shall explain the game that shakes my frame to utterly master the ship of an author.

Via Matt Liu, WrightIMC

  • Author Rank is Google’s way of qualifying a writer’s authority on a topic.
  • Google’s Panda = site quality. Author Rank = author quality.
  • Google will judge your online reputation by the type of content you create.
  • Author Rank is affected by several different factors including: how often your content is shared, who is endorsing it and how fast its shared.
  • How to implement it into your current SEO strategies

Via James Agate, SkyRocket SEO

  • Google will assemble a reputational score for you as an agent/author meaning that all your tweets, comments, answers, blog posts, web pages and anything else produced online will help Google build a picture about you – making it essential for you to develop and actively manage your personal brand.
  • Your reputation will have an impact on the visibility of your content.
  • Google may potentially filter unsigned content (perhaps unlikely?! Especially initially)
  • High PageRank and High AuthorRank = the sweet spot obviously, likely a solid confirmation for Google that a particular page is worthy of being visible and passing serious link equity
  • Low PageRank but high AuthorRank = fresh content perhaps
  • High PageRank but low AuthorRank = possibly a manipulated link profile
  • Low AuthorRank and low PageRank = hmm, you might have a problem

Thus we may see and conclude, that there is direct correlation betwixt success and AuthorRank. The seeds of success can replace the ever-longing seeds of author death that once coerced our efforts.

A Love Built On Trust, a Trust Built On Knowing

Google Authorship

Love without trust is lacking at best.

A trust beguiled swoons any behest.

–Tyson Stevens

Google, desires to “Come in and know [thee] better man“. Transparency inherently allows one to trust in whom trust is to be alloted.

Trust is not a right, but a privilege. Such privilege is to be gained by allowing Google to know one better. Love blooms when trust flourishes. Google Authorship provides a platform on which one can safely stand and be recognized, for better or worse. Not only does Authorship provide a measurement of trust with Google, it also creates trust with people. Connect with thy people and thy people will connect with thee. (People trust people, not brands)

To Build or Not to Build. That is the answer.

So, how does one build that trust? you may inquire. I have in my possession the understanding of a sage, doctrine of the wise and wisdom of the enlightened. Let me guide you through these perilous storms to propel your ethereal frames towards a safer harbor.

Seeing that this knowledge works upon our minds in such a way that invites one to action, I pray thee all to join the procession of Authors. The road is long and hard, but may be eased by appeasing authorities higher than ourselves.

“The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.” Charles Dickens,  Nicholas Nickleby

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