Wanting to get into content marketing but don’t have the time or budget? After this post, you won’t have that excuse anymore.

Content is broken down into a lot of different types. Today, I just want to focus on articles, guest posts and other text-based content.


  1. Order content from a site like iWriter.com or TextBroker.com (~2 cents to ~7 cents per word. I wouldn’t go lower than 5 cents per word. You can try lower though, it may still work fine.)
  2. Hire an editor or edit the articles yourself
Simple as that.
This way, the writers can focus on researching and writing, while you just focus on cleaning up their bad grammar–you’re taking a higher level approach with this tactic. You will also be able to produce more content in less time.
This will
1. Help you produce more content, faster
2. Produce quality content on a budget
3. Not put out crappy content
Now, what if you need some data to back up or drive your content? That’s easy!

Data Mining Options

1. Find someone on Fiverr to mine data for you
2. Hire someone off oDesk to mine the data
For lower-level tasks like the ones above, you don’t need a native English speaker. Just make sure you give the scope of the project and examples. The clearer the instructions are on the desired output with any task that you outsource, the better and more concise the results will be.
It’s most often that outsourcing doesn’t fail because the people you hired can’t do the job. Outsourcing fails with you.
Once again, I reiterate: Give clear instructions on what you want completed, how you want it completed and when you want it completed. Be specific with your details and your outsourcer will save you a lot of time, money and headache.