Pinterest is a hot, trending social network and it is gaining mass momentum. If you are wondering if Pinterest is worth the effort for your business, read my last post A Pint of Pinterest for Gallons of Interest; a smart Pinvestment?. It will help you decide whether or not Pinterest will be beneficial to you.

The first set of 10 tips are more principles than anything. The second set of tips and tricks are actions to take to implement the principles.

Now for The Pinterest Tips You Came Here For

  1. Get Pinterested!
  2. Pinterest as a Pinvestment
  3. Become fully Pintegrated
  4. Before we do business, “what’s your Pintentions?”
  5. Don’t get too Pintense – Pintruder!!!
  6. But don’t be a Pintrovert
  7. Have some social Pinteraction
  8. Efforts can be Pintensified
  9. Pinterns with Pintuition
  10. Become a Pintellectual

Get Pinterested!

You probably don’t need a full time ‘Pinner’. According to Pinterest demographics, one of your female employees ages 25-54 probably already knows how to use Pinterest. You don’t need a marketing specialist to Pin for you (just yet. It may get there soon though). Your employees can all be company Pinners. You can easily ask them to spend 10 minutes on their personal Pinterest and Pin some images/products/videos for your company. However you go about using Pinterest, get Pinvolved!

Pinterest as a Pinvestment

A site-owner shared with me that they had a huge influx of traffic from one pin that we re-purposed. The only problem was that the pin wasn’t really related to their services so it didn’t convert very well. ~5% of their traffic came from that single pin, Pinterest was a hit…and a miss at the same time (conversion rate). Imagine what it could do for you when you pin images that are targeted to your demographic.

Become fully Pintegrated

Get your brand on Pinterest. Many ‘big’ brands are on Pinterest; Nordstrom, Land’s End Canvas, Mashable, ETSY, and more. People will more likely find and follow you if you have richly populated, full boards than if you have a few sparse boards. Pin wisely.

Before we do business, “what’s your Pintentions?”

Make sure to be social in your pinteractions. Don’t just pin your own products. Find and pin images that you believe your audience would like to add to their pin boards. Better yet, find relevant pins that are popular, re-purpose the content and pin it yourself. Don’t use Pinterest as a self promotion tool.

Don’t get too Pintense – Pintruder!!!

There are people already spamming Pinterest. Make sure you aren’t perceived as a #badapple Smile You will quickly engage peoples distrust engines…and you’ll get called out.

Pinterest Spammers

But don’t be a Pintrovert

Make sure to re-pin some of your clients pins. They’ll feel appreciated and be more likely to watch your pins. Be engaged in other peoples pinboards and they will be more likely to be engaged in yours.

Have some social Pinteraction

Remember, Pinterest is a social platform. Make sure to Pinteract with people within Pinterest and without. Let your pins be known on your blog or other social properties you control.

Efforts can be Pintensified

Pins can be re-pinned an infinite amount of times (well, at least 10,399,999 more times). One really share-able pin, can turn into a ton of Pinterest.

Pinterns with Pintuition

This here is an original Right idea: because of Pinterest demographics, we know that 34% of the users are females 18-34. One-third of which have some college education. Chances are, you can find a marketing intern who already knows how to pin. This will be a great opportunity to learn more marketing and a great opportunity for you to receive good labor for a decent price.

Become a Pintellectual

For right now, marketing on Pinterest is a fairly easy task. Stay up-to-date with trends and keep an eye on the changing demographics. Most businesses can capitalize on new additions and features within any social network.

Right Hat Tips and Tricks to Become a Super Pinner

  1. Make your URL visible within your logo
  2. Avoid self promotion like the plague
  3. Pin naturally – don’t force product placement
  4. Use your Facebook login to join Pinterest so that you will quickly be connected to others instead of starting from scratch
  5. Don’t have empty boards
  6. Add the Pinterest button to your website
  7. Follow others with similar Pinterests – they will likely follow back
  8. Create seasonal boards
  9. Add links in the pin descriptions
  10. If it’s a product you’re selling, add a price to the description and it will automatically be added to the gift category. This is one of my favorite features, so I went ahead and created a pin with a price. Here’s my Pinned gift to me! :

    Pinterest Gift Price How To

    Click to Enlarge

Pinterest Gift 4 Me

Look at the yellow arrow! It showed my ‘gift’ seconds after I pinned it

click to enlarge

Pintrigued yet? I am.

Thanks for putting up with my corny Pin-Puns in this Pin-Post. I hope you will find your own space in Pinterest and have had Pinspiration while reading through these tips. Feel free to Pin this post if it helps your audience

…an afterthought I’d just like to add: I predict that more men will be joining as more women join. Since I’ve joined, I have received about two-third of my follows from women and one-third from men.

Your Pinteresting Experiences

I’d love to hear what’s been going with your best Pinterests in mind Smile What kind of successes have you had using Pinterest? What have been your greatest challenges?

Leave your questions and comments in the box below